Thermal fibre Bangs in natural colors.

Handeling and washing instructions:

  1. Washing the hairpiece - after thorough brushing, the hairpiece should be bathed fpr 5-10 minutes in a basin of luke warm water, to which a little shampoo has been added. Rinse the hairpiece well, 2-3 times and shake off excess water.
  2. Drying the haipiece - dry the haipiece with a towel. DO NOT WRING!!! Put the hairpiece on a dummy-head and let it dry naturally, until it is completely dry. Brush the hairpiece thoroughly against so that the original shape and the silk gloss return. Do not brush or comb hairpiece of synthetic fibre when it is still wet! Do not us hair iron, hair dryer or hair curler on the thermal fibre hair!

€ 28,19 tax incl.

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